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Charging at home represents the most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle and it also happens to be the place you will be doing the majority of your charging. There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing which charger you want to utilize at home including basic or “dumb” chargers right up to networked base supply units and “smart chargers with mobile phone apps, Level 1 charging or trickle charging is done on a standard 120V outlet and depending on your battery size charging can take up to 20 hours be in excess of 20 hours.

We classify this as a “secondary” form of charging and is applicable in some cases, but typically we recommend Level II charger on a dedicated 240V circuit. This will give you enough power to charge most vehicles in 2 – 6 hours. We have a solution to meet any requirement you have at an affordable price as well as 24 hour support and local inventory to ensure you never go without charging.

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