There are both provincial and federal programs. Please take a look at the following links to find rebate programs that are currently available. Keep in mind that some of these programs are stackable while others are not.
An EV Ready plan is a professional document prepared by Electrum that includes details about how your building will provide each residential unit with at least one EV ready parking space.

Stratas or building owners that hire Electrum to create their EV Ready plan can receive a rebate of up to 75% of the costs of creating the plan, to a maximum of $3,000, while funding lasts from BC Hydro.

At Electrum, we work with our customers to plan their EV infrastructure deployment to ensure that when its all said and done, they have complete package that is both robust and reliable. Our scope of work ranges from EV ready plans all the way to the management of the charger network. We do this to ensure whatever the size of EV deployment you plan it’s successfully done right the first time.
OCPP = Open Charge Point Protocol. It’s the open source global standard for charger to software communication protocol. If a charger is “OCPP 1.6J” compliant it means that it will talk to OCPP softwares that are on the 1.6J standard and can follow the standards set out in the 1.6J protocol.
Yes you should be able, as long as you are able to change the websocket information from your chargers software interface.
Yes, chargers will need to be connected to the internet for it to be talk to our Electrum Cloud Platform. This is typically done through internet through an Internet service provider (ISP) such as Shaw, Telus, Rogers and etc. or through cellular Data
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