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ECS has extensive experience in the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and we have the resources to provide cost effective solutions that meet your charging requirements. It’s important as potential station owners to ensure you have all the available information in terms of the types of chargers and technologies that can be utilized in your application. Each site will manage EV drivers differently so it’s important to adopt a cost effective and efficient solution that meets your charging needs.

Existing charging infrastructure makes up a good portion of our network today so we have options enabling us to utilize this infrastructure through the integration of technology helping station owners avoid costly upgrades. We also have the latest in testing equipment specific to EVSE helping us to keep your charging infrastructure working efficiently.

Smart Chargers are evolving quickly and will constitute the majority of the technology being installed today. The requirements around EV charging is growing quickly with features like load management, energy consumed, who has access to the charger, time of use and of course how we charge a fee at the charging point. At a higher level charging infrastructure will monitor passive loads and potentially control other devices within a facility. The software that controls the chargers will also monitor the main electrical service and allocate power based on facility demand in order to avoid purchasing electricity at a higher rate class (Demand Charges). These technologies can integrate with existing building management systems or run stand alone.

Policy around EV charging in new construction has evolved to accommodate this new technology and in some cases 100% of all the parking stalls must meet a minimum performance standard allowing EV owners to charge their vehicles. There are challenges around how to deploy into these applications and we have solutions to intelligently deploy and manage charging infrastructure in high stall count applications.

ECS has extensive experience in all aspects of EV charging and we would be happy to assist you with your integration of EV charging infrastructure. Let our experienced staff provide you with industry leading vehicle charging technology and service.

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