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Design – We can work directly with you or the engineer and contractor providing the needed infrastructure to meet your requirements. This includes power limiting, demand charging, building management integration, multi residential solutions (Strata Managed Buildings),fleet, workplace, and public charging.

Installation – We have a network of certified installers who have the required expertise to install and manage EVSE units.

Hardware – We can supply pedestal, wall mount and pole mount units. They are available in single port, dual port and quadruple port configurations.

Network – We can provide you with a Network service covering off all the requirements needed for Multi Residential, Public, Workplace, Fleet and even Residential charging applications. Service includes:

  • Secure Login
  • Flexible Access & Usage
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Instant up Dates and Notifications
  • Payment Processing
  • Online Bill Management
  • Real Time Charging Status
  • Sustainability Reports
  • User Authentication.

Commissioning – We provide commissioning, programming, training, including service for all units sold. We also provide existing site evaluation and services to better help you to maximize your EVSE units.

Service – We utilize state of the art testing equipment to to keep your charging infrastructure running smoothly for years to come

Other Services – Customized mounting hardware and branding (vinyl wraps & paint) your company message. Stall painting and signage to complete your installation.

Turn-Key Solutions For All Your EV Charging Requirements.
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