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We provide end-to-end solutions for EV charging infrastructure and energy management.

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Since 2015, our expert team of engineers, electricians and industry professionals have been empowering clients to successfully transition towards infrastructure of electric vehicle charging systems and support their sustainability goals.

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We strive to continually provide our clients with new technologies allowing for the intelligent management of EV charging infrastructure. Have questions about this fast paced sector? we’re always available to chat!

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Planning &

Planning & Design

The first phase of your journey with us begins with the electrical planning and design. We’ll work with you to design the infrastructure required for the EV charging stations and then we’ll provide a detailed feasibility plan which will include marked updrawings, procurement, timelines and budget. Now the plan is set in motion.



OCPP EV Chargers and Installation

OCCP EV Charges and Installation

Aligned with your unique infrastructure plan, our highly-trained and EVIPT certified electricians will install and integrate your EV charging stations. Through the installation process, we provide the highest quality chargers suited for your project (EVC Level II or DCFC). After the installation is complete, our team will continue to support and maintain your electric vehicle chargers — for as long as you need.




Network Operations

With your EV charging stations installed, we then connect you to our Open Source (OCPP) EV-IV Network, granting you oversight and control over the usage of your electric vehicle chargers. Through the EV-IV network, you will have access to billing management, power sharing, EV mobile charging and energy curtailment all at your fingertips.




Sustainability Planning

Electrum is the only EV integration company that proactively partners with clients to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Through environmental planning, low-carbon fuel credits, and energy analytics, we strive to deliver and support our clients’ needs for today and for the future.

Industries We Electrify

Multi-unit Residential Buildings






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